If you have ever wondered if a quite short Hispanic Jewish man could beat an Asian Mormon billionaire with an embarrassing tattoo in a presidential election…


A good-natured and smart parody of identity politics, made for the politically exhausted

It’s the perfect gift!

In Electoral! you must harness the political effects of your candidate’s randomly juxtaposed gender, race and religion to win a successful, 2-term presidency.

You must make good choices to build up Warm Political Sentiments among the people, accomplish your Hidden Agenda, and manage your Karma all while being assailed by the indifference of the political factions that, well, don’t like your “type”.

In Electoral!, there are no boring political issues…

YOU are the issue.

Electoral is a good-natured and smart political parody that is equally perfect for boozy Election Night parties or random Thursday game night.

45-90 minutes. 2-4 players. 14+

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