Learn how to play Electoral in 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Read your Electoral! rule book once.

Step 2. Watch appropriate sections of this explanatory video.

Game Setup: 0:00

First turn & placing WPS example: 0:58

Playing through to the Backstory card stop & a placing WPS example: 2:01

Choosing an Agenda card: 4:49

Discussing Karma, House of Worship: 5:41

Voting – adding WPS and calculating voter turnout: 7:00

Step 3. Peruse the following FAQ’s

  • Should I try to play a 4 player game initially? Answer: No! Play the 2 player version. You will have a better time understanding the game play and mechanics. We have found that this is the most engaging version anyway – it is the recommended mode.
  • I read the section on voting and am confused. Answer: We are all confused about voting! Haha, just kidding. Not really. Well, in regards to the game, check the appropriate section of the video above. Once you get it, its easy, but appears complicated at first. I still don’t think I am playing Pandemic right.
  • The man in the video. I know where he bought his ruler, but where did he purchase his socks? Answer. Costco.
  • I don’t understand when/where/how to place WPS. Answer: Please check the appropriate sections of the above video. The “tips” in the rules also gives some guidance. For example, if you get a “NAT-1” and have no WPS in the NAT circle, simply place one of your opponent’s WPS there. This will have the required effect of losing a WPS relative to your opponent.
  • Sometimes there is an effect that I can’t play. What do I do? I feel cheated. Answer: Sorry, it might happen sometimes. Chances are its equally likely to happen to your opponent so there’s that.
  • I have a dirty deal card and I am not sure how much money I get if I do it. Answer: Assume $25 unless specified otherwise.
  • Each player has only 15 Warm Political Sentiments (WPS). What happens if I need more? Answer: You only get 15, so you may need to optimize where you choose to put them. It may cause you some feelings of self-pity if you need more, but you should be lucky to have that much!
  • Do I need to play all of my Wonderful Blessings immediately? Answer: No! Unless it says to play immediately, you can use it at the moment of your choice.
  • Do I really have to count all the Electoral Votes at the end of the game? Answer: Yes! Keep a pen and paper handy once you get to the voting stars.
  • I don’t want to deal with 3 Victory Conditions. Can I just say whoever wins the most Electoral Votes wins? Answer: Yes! Just agree to it at the beginning.
  • I have another question that I couldn’t answer on this page. Answer: Option 1) Debate your opponent to resolve the issue. Option 2) Submit a question below – we’ll get back to you ASAP.